Vampire Game

Genre: Comedy, fantasy, romance

One hundred years ago, Vampire King Duzell led a war against the humans and kingdom of Pheliosta, simply because he was bored. In the epic last battle, King Phelios defeated Duzell by using a powerful spell that uses the caster’s life force as a weapon to destroy the enemy, but kills the caster in the process. As both lay dying, Duzell swore that they would be reborn in a century's time, and he would find Phelios' reincarnation and kill him.

Ninety-nine and a half years later, Duzell's spirit approaches a wildcat called a kyawl, offering a partnership, as the kyawl's kittens had been killed and the she-cat was seeking revenge on those who tormented them. Unfortunately, the kyawl killed an innocent man in the process, leaving a little boy, Roy, fatherless. The kyawl tells Duzell after she avenges her kittens, she would give birth to a son, and Duzell could take refuge in his body; however, she would sacrifice herself to stop the cycle of revenge.

Princess Ishtar of Pheliosta, great-granddaughter of Phelios, becomes caught up in the plot when the villagers attacked by the kyawl bring a report of the event. Since kyawls are not carnivores, the attack looks like vampirism. While the matter is dismissed by Ishtar's advisor, Sir Keld, Ishtar takes off to investigate in disguise as a holy knight, bringing the Phelios bloodline's heirloom sword Sidia. As a result, her bodyguard, Captain Darres,chases after her.

Istar encounters Roy after his father was found dead, and as she gets the story, Duzell sees Sidia, and tell the kyawl that he needs to taste Ishtar’s blood in order to see if she's Phelios’s reincarnation. He attempts to attack her, but Darres shows up and kills the kyawl. In her dying moments, the kyawl gives birth to a kitten that houses Duzell's soul. With Roy not wanting revenge on the kitten, the cycle of hate is ended, and Ishtar adopts Duzell as a pet, even after he bites her (and incidentally discovers she's not Phelios' reincarnation). This leads to the kitten being named Duzell.

Duzell recovers some of his powers and uses the taste of Ishtar's blood to become a male doppelganger of her, taking her place while the Princess is playing hooky. In an attempt to find out how many descendants Phelios has, and who they are, Duzell attempts to use a spell of truth on Ishtar's tutor, Yujinn, but it backfires when Yujinn manages to repel him and reveal Duzell's not human. Duzell escapes, only to run into Ishtar, who accepts the situation with remarkable aplomb and keeps up the charade as well, though it's doubtful how many people they fool.

Once Ishtar has a moment to speak with Duzell in private, she tells him she'll look out for him, as she has very few people to genuinely care for and who genuinely care for her. Despite not earning or deserving her trust, Duzell confesses his true identity as the Vampire King, only for Ishtar to offer her help in his quest. Since Ishtar has her own grudges against the monarchy, a burden she doesn't want for various reasons, she tells Duzell the perfect place to begin: a fighting competition is going to be held in the neighboring La Naan, where Ishtar has an aunt and three cousins.

From there, the story turns into a comical, witty adventure that spans throughout the entire kingdom and affect everyone in it: friends, allies, enemies, family, and the common folk.

sebenar nx ni manga udah lama banget kayak nx. cz pas q pinjem tu komik nx udh berdebu bgt. Mungkin agak2 nggak ngerti kalo nggak baca dari awal, tapi ni manga bagus kok! ada lucu nx jg.  ngakak
kalo mau baca, bs d

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